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"Oak Ridge Roofing is a friendly, professional, and timely business to work with. We are extremely satisfied with the job they have done for us, and will be calling them for future upgrades on our house". ~ Jason


At Oak Ridge Roofing, we take every step necessary to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their roof. As the roof is the homes first line of defense against the various forces of weather, it's vital that no missteps are made when choosing your roof and the installer of that roof. When it comes to residential roofing, we are certain that we serve Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Morristown, Chattanooga, and the Crossville area, with the best contracting services that can be found in East Tennessee.


So, let's talk Shingles: As one of the leading roofers in East Tennessee and the surrounding areas, we understand the value and reliability of a professionally installed shingle roof. Not only do shingles look good on your home, but they offer a level of versatility that's difficult to match by other styles of roofing. When choosing a roof style for your next residential project, it'll certainly be difficult to go wrong with asphalt shingles. Over the years, a good shingle roof has proven to provide that classic look that many have grown to love, while offering superb protection for your home at an affordable price. At Oak Ridge Roofing, our architectural shingles will add an additional layer of depth and beauty to your home that is sure to satisfy.

Considering a Metal Roof?: At Oak Ridge Roofing, we are no strangers to the world of metal roofing. Over the recent years, many people have started to give metal roofing a try, and we can't say we blame them. Although comparing apples with pears is unlikely to prove to be beneficial, in like manner, choosing between a shingle roof and a metal roof can sometimes balance the scales. For most people, since the longevity of a metal roof is second to none, they tend to consider going with a metal roof in hopes that it will outlast a shingle roof. At the same time, metal roofing tends to offer a new level of visual appeal to your home, having a range of colors that are typically not offered as extensively with shingle roofing. Now, granted a metal roof may be more environmentally friendly as it reflects solar heat and reduces the cooling cost of your home, you can likely expect a larger price tag to be attached it as well.

So which choice is better for for? Well, that’s certainly a matter of personal preference. We would, however, like to give you some thoughts regarding both types of roofing in hopes that it will better help you to choose what’s best for your next project with Oak Ridge Roofing. 


First, asphalt shingles are typically considered the most appealing roofing option on the market. They offer color and texture in a variety of options so you can easily find a style to best compliment your home. Some options can even resemble wood surfaces, if that’s something you would like to consider. Furthermore, asphalt shingles are likely to be most consistent with the other homes in your neighborhood and therefore, could be the perfect fit for your home as well. Asphalt shingles are simple to install and offer a variety of benefits, making them a great choice for homeowners. They can also help to heat your house in the winter while saving on energy cost throughout the rest of the year. A good quality shingle is very durable and will last for years to come if cared for properly.


But everything has a downside, right? Well, that too is greatly dependent upon your own personal perspective. Nevertheless, let us give you a few thoughts that some people consider to be negative qualities so you can decide for yourself. 


First, while asphalt shingles are typically easy to install, it’s still important that you have a professional do your installation, such as our team at Oak Ridge Roofing in Oliver Springs Tennessee. Why is that important? Because you risk compromising your product warranty by having your roof installed incorrectly. Therefore, some people consider the restricted installation requirements to be a negative quality with shingles.  


Secondly, asphalt shingle roofing comes in dark tone granules due to the surface granule color. Its color is typically standardized to match most homes in your neighborhood, as most builders try to keep costs down. The texture creates a monotonous look that some people find to be unappealing, but only you can decide if that’s truly a negative quality or not.


One last thought: If your home is exposed to the sun’s heat, an asphalt shingle roof tends to absorb heat and keep it inside your house, making it a disadvantage during a season of high heat. Also, due to the reflective nature of shingles, these roofs can cause your home to lose up to 15% of their insulation value when they are installed. Nevertheless, these negative features are minimal when compared to all of the positive qualities of using a shingle roof, and therefore, should not deter your decision when consider which materials are best for you. 


So, what about a metal roof? A metal roof has many benefits over other traditional choices. Because it’s made from an actual metal instead of another composite material of some sort, you can expect that your metal roof should remain durable and intact over the years. Metal roofing is available in a variety of styles and colors to complement any home. While there are products available to imitate non-metal materials, such as tile, panels, wood, and asphalt, genuine metal roofing provides a unique appearance and strength that is difficult to compete with.


Metal roofing has become the most preferred option for homeowners seeking a long-lasting, low-maintenance roof. Built from metal, metal roofing is lightweight and easy to work with, especially since it’s available in a variety of materials. A metal roof can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years and require very little maintenance. Investing in this type of roofing also helps the environment because metal roofing is made from recycled materials and has a lower carbon footprint than some of the other materials used for roofs. However, it would seem that many people have made a number of assumptions in regards to metal roofing, while not understanding or considering that a metal roof carries its own set of negative qualities just like anything else. Let’s explore a few of those qualities real quick.


First, metal roofing is often perceived as being stronger and more efficient than shingle roofs, which isn’t necessarily a fair assessment and is certainly circumstantial. Also, with metal roofing, you can expect a much higher price point per square foot, so, weighing your cost to benefit ratio is a very important detail to remember. Beyond that, metal roofing requires an underlying support frame so that they won’t buckle in high winds. Just like an asphalt shingle roof, if your metal is installed by a non-professional, it may not last as long as it should, your warranties are at risk of being voided, and your roof might not be as effective in keeping water out as well. Also, some metal roofing is heavier to work with and can become dangerous to work with when handled improperly or without the correct equipment and procedures in place. Nevertheless, metal roofing does well at presenting its own set of positive qualities too, and therefore, at Oak Ridge Roofing, we believe it’s important that you make an informed decision with the help of one of our roofing experts before making your decision.


As one of the leading commercial roofing contractors in East Tennessee, we also specialize in commercial roofing system restoration techniques for both flat and low slope roofs. To take it a step further, we are privileged to work along side of some of the best contractors that’s ever installed a roof, and we’re sure that by choosing us to tackle your next project, you’ll be well pleased with no regrets.


Listed below, you’re going to see an extensive range of commercial roofing types to choose from, that fit within the realm of our expertise: 


* TPO / EPDM / PVC Flat Roof

* Metal Panel

* Asphalt Shingle

* Modified

* Tile

* Wood Shingle

* Other; Etc.


Whatever your next project might be, ORR is only one call away, and we look forward to the privilege of doing business with you. Contact us today for a free inspection and consultation on your next commercial roofing project!

At Oak Ridge Roofing, we offer quite the variety of roofing options, including the aforementioned shingle roof and metal roof. Beyond these two choices, we are experienced enough in residential roofing to take on other types of projects outside of those two realms, including wood shake installation and even various sorts of tile. For a free inspection, estimate, or consultation with one of the experts, give Oak Ridge Roofing a call today!



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